Echo Drainage provide a full-service drainage solution for the Auckland homeowner. Whether you are on a rural or urban property we have you covered with our installation, repair and maintenance services.

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    Whether you have an existing drainage system that needs digging and replacing or you are undertaking a new build Echo Drainage has a team of experienced pipelayers for your requirements.  We come equipped with our own excavation equipment to ensure all work is carried out quickly and efficiently. We will always leave your site clean and tidy.

    Water Retention Tanks

    A water retention tank is used to collect and store water from your rooftops or storm water run-off.

    By retaining and storing this water it can be used for a range of applications around your property such as watering the garden, topping up the swimming pool and much more.

    With water restrictions becoming increasingly common throughout the greater Auckland region a water retention tank makes a lot of sense for property owners.

    Storm Water Detention Tanks

    Unlike typical water retention tanks which are designed to store water, Stormwater Detention tanks have a valve to slowly release water over time.

    Detention tanks are often required for new home drainage systems to help control the volume of stormwater runoff from your property.

    If your property has flooding issues during extreme weather talk to Echo Drainage about a stormwater detention system.

    Soak holes & Settling chambers

    Depending on local council requirements a soak hole may be sufficient to disperse stormwater runoff from your property. Soak holes typically range from 5-20m deep and drain water directly into the earth rather than using a tank/valve system.

    Soak holes can get blocked up resulting in flooding if not subject to periodic maintenance.

    To establish a new soak hole or for maintenance on and existing one speak to the experts at Echo Drainage.

    Wastewater Drainage & Pumps

    Echo Drainage has experienced operators who specilise in installing pressurized sewer systems from the market leader E/ONE.

    A sewage system from E/ONE can result in significant savings for certain domestic applications due to the use of smaller pipes and trenches.

    They also offer a great wastewater solution for steep/undulating properties where a traditional gravity fed system would be inefficient. 

    See also our septic tanks services.

    Get in touch with Echo Drainage today to discuss your project.


    This was a large residential drainage project we completed for Summerset retirement. This job was located at there Hobsonville retirement village.

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