Using a subsoil drainage system we can remove excess water from the soil surrounding your basement, garage, retaining walls or foundations. An effective drainage system will help remove dampness, prevent flooding and protect your property from water damage.

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    Left unchecked moisture issues in the garage or basement area can spread to the rest of the house causing costly structural damage.

    Many homes in the Auckland region feature basements or garages constructed with concrete block that are below ground level. When these homes were built subsoil drainage systems were often not considered or have since become blocked or damaged.

    During the rainy winter months groundwater can accumulate and leak through these porous block walls. Common signs you have an issue can include…

    • Water running down the walls
    • Flooding or puddles of water on the floor
    • Condensation build up
    • Mould and mildew on the walls or belongings.
    • Rotting timber or carpet
    • Musty smell

    Having an effective subsoil drainage system can effectively fix numerous moisture related issues and safeguard your home from future damage. For an onsite inspection of your property get in touch with Echo Drainage.

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