An on-site sewage system such as a septic tank is good option for rural or semi-rural properties where connection to the main council system is not possible.

Echo Drainage can advise on the different types and sizes of Septic Tanks available on the market to ensure you get the best fit for your budget and properties requirements.

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    Auckland Council Septic Tank Inspections & Maintenance

    From June 2022, properties not connected to a wastewater network will be asked to provide Auckland Council with proof their onsite wastewater system is working well. If you have received a letter from Auckland Council please contact us.

    Aerated Wastewater Treatment

    These systems treat sewage to a higher level than traditional septic tanks and offer a more environmentally friendly wastewater solution.

    Echo Drainage are approved installers of the Airtech 9000 wastewater treatment Plants

    The AirTechâ„¢ system is an efficient, lightweight sewerage treatment plant that safely and effectively processes your disposables and wastewater. The unit recycles it as clear, odourless nutrient enriched water to irrigate landscape, shelter belts, coppice wood lots or existing planted areas. For the environmentally minded this means that the sewage and wastewater is treated on the property where it's produced and then recycled for reuse with little environmental impact on the land.

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